Marlo Hampton not on great terms with Nene Leakes


    Marlo Hampton revealed that she and NeNe Leakes may not be getting together for a girls’ night anytime soon, because they’re friendship is on the rocks.

    They might have been BFFs before “I Dream of NeNe The Wedding,” but Marlo confirmed that they’re just not as close as they once were. Still, Marlo didn’t have anything bad to say about her estranged friend.

    “I look up to NeNe like a big sis. NeNe would be the one I would listen to,” Marlo told “The DeShai Cole Show” earlier this week. “She has that motherly feel without being my mom.”

    In Marlo’s opinion, she and NeNe are just going through a period in their relationship where they need some time apart. “We’re not the best of friends now,” Marlo revealed. “Nothing really happened. You know how friends have their highs and lows. Right now we’re just at one of our lows. I’m sure we’ll get back to our high.”

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fashionista can’t really pinpoint any one thing that went wrong between her and NeNe (or if she does, she’s keeping it private), but Marlo doesn’t think they’ll be apart too long. Besides, Marlo thinks that having a tiff is a natural part of any friendship.

    “To tell you the truth it ain’t nothing,” Marlo said. “True friends should fall out and have a disagreement, but I feel true friends should also be able to [come back together].”

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