Kelly Price refuses to ‘jump fool’ over SWV comment

    Kelly_PriceIt seems Kelly Price has learned a thing or two about avoiding reality TV drama after her one season on “R&B Divas: LA.”

    On season 1 of the hit TV One series, Kelly became the singer viewers loved to hate, and the ladies of SWV recently told Sister 2 Sister that they wouldn’t be following in Kelly’s footsteps.

    “We definitely don’t behave that way,” Taj George said referring to Kelly. “It was such a drastic change from the person you know and see singing from the person who was on camera.”

    Coko Clemons added: “I don’t think we’re acting like Kelly Price.”

    There are several ways Kelly could have responded to the trio’s comments, but she opted to take the high road, having learned a thing or two about how things can be taken out of context.

    “I’ve known all of the ladies for a very long time…I am very, very clear that sometimes things can be misinterpreted and if they’re even placed in the wrong place, that they can be received in the wrong way, and because I’ve been a victim of that, I refuse to jump fool and believe anything other than what I’ve always known of the ladies,” Kelly told

    With a bit more reality TV experience than Coko and Lelee Lyons, Kelly had one piece of advice for the singers who have entered territory that has helped make some careers and has destroyed even more.

    “Get your check, girl,” she said.

    As for her reality TV future, Kelly said she’s not opposed to doing more, but it won’t be “R&B Divas: LA.”

    “It just wasn’t the thing for me,” she said. “I’m not saying I’ll never do reality TV again. I’m just not doing that.”

    Kelly calls SWV an inspiration. Watch.


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