‘More than 40′ bank accounts found in Apollo Nida’s fraud case

    ApolloNida-Mugshot-2014New details about the bank fraud and identity theft investigation Apollo Nida got caught up in have surfaced, as his mugshot popped up online.

    Blogs exploded when news that Apollo had appeared in court on Thursday first got out. He’d been in trouble with the law for similar reasons, having served time behind bars. Apollo’s accused of starting fake businesses and using them to farm information that would allow him and his team to steal people’s identities and submit stolen treasury checks to the bank. Official documents clarify that although the business were “validly organized as entities” with the Georgia Secretary of State, they existed for a different purpose other than the names implied.

    Gayla St. Julien, the woman that named Apollo as the mastermind of this scheme, told police that she first met him around September 2009. She claims that she was recruited by a mutual friend of theirs, but that Apollo made the final decision to bring her aboard.

    An investigation into the operation began in February 2012, when JP Morgan Chase Bank tipped authorities off to Gayla’s suspicious bank activity after she tried to open four accounts with two stolen identities. After more digging, it was discovered that investigators had barely scratched the surface on this matter.

    According to court documents, the case might be bigger than many people realized! A complaint filed by the U.S. District Attorney contains “a brief summary of a few out of more than forty (40) bank accounts identified in this investigation as fraudulent.”

    Paragraph 12 of the complaint states:

    “Bank accounts in the name of Bynum Financial Inc. were opened on 01/12/10 at Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase Bank using the stolen identity of Tricia D. These accounts had over $725,000.00 in deposits from fraudulent activity, which includes funds laundered from other fraudulent accounts, stolen U.S. Treasury checks, and Delta Airlines checks.”

    Flip ahead to read the details excerpted from court documents about the fake bank accounts.

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