Porsha Williams ‘in no rush’ to identify new beau

    Porsha StewartPorsha Williams has learned her lesson, and she’s not too sure she’ll be introducing any new men to her reality TV world.

    “You really have to have a strong foundation and really, really be totally supportive of each other when you decide to put it in the public eye like that,” Porsha recently told The Dish. “We’d have to be really strong and in a serious, serious relationship.”

    Porsha’s marriage and divorce from ex-husband Kordell Stewart played out on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Viewers watched as they argued, sought counseling and ultimately went through a divorce in front of reality TV cameras.

    Now that she’s embarking on a new relationship, Porsha said she’s going to take her time revealing the identity of any man with whom she decides to get serious.

    “I’m in no rush to put it out there until I know we’re absolutely solid,” said Porsha who doesn’t think the man she dates will be eager to be on “RHOA.”

    “Most successful men don’t want to be on a reality show. They don’t benefit from that,” she said.

    In addition to a successful man who isn’t seeking reality fame, Porsha wants a guy who’s sure of himself.

    “I love a man who just oozes confidence and self-awareness, and who’s successful and is all about family,” she said. “Just someone who loves life, has positive energy and a great sense of humor, because I don’t take myself too seriously.”

    Porsha talks more about love and her music here.

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