Wendy Williams advises Phaedra Parks to leave

    PhaedraApollo_WendyWendy Williams is through with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and she thinks Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida should be, too.

    “Apollo and Phaedra, it’s time for you to get off reality TV,” Wendy advised after telling her audience about recent charges of fraud and identity theft Apollo’s facing.

    “It’s really bad,” Wendy said about Apollo’s alleged crimes that she suspects Phaedra at least knew about.

    “Those Bravo checks aren’t big enough to buy a new funeral home and clothes for Mr. President,” Wendy said. “Somebody needed a job from some place.”

    Phaedra has been pretty quiet about the controversial news and has been busy promoting her book tour. Some wonder whether that’s an indication that the two have separated.

    Reportedly, Phaedra caught wind of Apollo’s alleged shady dealings months ago and has since kicked him out of the house and limited their interactions to co-parenting and media appearances.

    It’s unclear whether Apollo’s thousand-dollar trips to the strip club had anything to do with the rumored separation. While some might consider the criminal charges and somewhat excessive recreational spending reasons enough for Phaedra to end the marriage, there’s also the matter of the violent fight between Apollo and Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShazer, that was broadcast for all to see.

    Apollo and Phaedra haven’t publicly commented on the unprecedented “RHOA” altercation, but Wendy said it’s enough for her to tune out.

    “I can be as ratchet as the next person, and I’ll admit it,” said Wendy who refuses to condone the violence. “I’m not doing it anymore, not like that. I will pick and choose what we talk about here on Hot Topics… I’m not lecturing…but I will not watch that.”

    Watch Wendy below.

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