Evelyn Lozada reveals sex of baby

    EvelynLozadaEvelyn Lozada’s due date is fast approaching, and though she hasn’t decided on a name yet, it’ll be much easier now that she knows the baby’s sex.

    “I was honestly praying for a boy. I have wanted to have a son for years,” she told People.com.

    Evelyn said her side of the family is a bit heavy on the estrogen, so a boy is a welcome addition.

    “There are all girls on my side, so this will be our first boy. My family is over the moon,” said Evelyn whose daughter, Shaniece is 20. “We were both so happy.”

    Evelyn said she found out during her first trimester. “I was about 13 weeks when they told me,” she shared.

    According to Evelyn, having a son, instead of another daughter, may help to ease any potential sibling rivalry.

    “Shaniece is just happy that she can still be the princess of the family,” Evelyn joked. “Her brother is already her BFF in her head.”

    Evelyn’s former “Basketball Wives” co-star, Shaunie O’Neal, is hosting a spectacular baby shower for her son and sent out custom invitations to her guests. The “diapers and diamonds” themed event takes place February 8 in L.A.

    Evelyn accepted a proposal of marriage from soon-to-be babydaddy Carl Crawford over the Christmas holiday. No word yet on when the two may wed or whether the ceremony will be televised.

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