Daily Buzz 1.30.14: Vincent Herbert slammed with $3 million+ lien

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    Idris Elba to direct K.Michelle musical

    K.Michelle’s taking her album Rebellious Soul to the next level by turning it into a musical! The “V.S.O.P.” singer confirmed earlier this week that she’s officially done with “Love& Hip Hop” and shooting for her own spin-off begins next month.

    She also dished to WGCI’s “Morning Riot” that she’ll also be working very closely with Golden Globe winner Idris Elba for the musical! ”I took every song on Rebellious Soul and turned it into a conversation, kind of like a female trapped in the closet,” she said. “Idris heard and we decided to team up on it, me and him”

    Supposedly Idris will be directing the musical, which, of course K.Michelle will star in when it airs on VH1.

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    One thought on “Daily Buzz 1.30.14: Vincent Herbert slammed with $3 million+ lien

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