Christopher Williams’ marriage license proves Kenya Moore wrong?

    ChristopherWilliams_KenyaMooreWhile Kenya Moore provided some pretty compelling proof suggesting that Christopher Williams is a single man, his marriage license has allegedly been uncovered and confirms that he’s legally attached.

    On “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya questioned Christopher’s “marriage” to Natalie, suggesting that it was a common law union. The former Miss USA followed that up by posting a video of Chris declaring his single status in a 2013 interview.

    “I don’t lie on people,” Kenya wrote in her most recent blog, defending herself.

    The issue caused tension between Natalie and the “RHOA” cast members and even resulted in an all-out bout that, strangely enough, didn’t really involve Chris or Natalie.

    Despite the drama the accusations have caused, they may have been unfounded. reports that a marriage license for Christopher and Natalie exists.

    According to the document, the two were married in July 1995 in Las Vegas. That’s nearly 19 years ago.

    That doesn’t discount the incriminating video that Kenya posted in which Christopher insists that he’s single.

    In the video dated June 16, 2013, Christopher told Sasha the Diva, “I have no comments on relationships” and answered “no” when asked if he was married.

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