Eve slapped with two tax liens


    The IRS is coming after newly engaged rapper Eve with two separate liens for more than $327,000 in tax debt.

    Eve’s got a few financial issues to straighten out before she jumps the broom with her British beau Maximillion Cooper. Specificially, the blushing bride needs to pay off some back taxes.

    RadarOnline.com reports that the IRS filed a lien against Eve in New York over the summer for three years of unpaid taxes. According to official documents, Eve failed to pony up $12, 971.08 for taxes back in 2007. While she kept up with her taxes the following two years, she neglected to pay them in 2010 ($181,875.53) and 2011 ($30,141.34).

    Then the federal government slapped her with another lien in November 2013 for failing to pay her taxes in 2012, when she owed $102,084.30. All told, Eve owes the IRS about $327,072.25 in unpaid taxes.

    Neither Eve nor her fiancé have spoken out on the financial situation at this time.

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