LaLa Anthony offers Ciara motherhood advice

    TwitPics_LaLaCiara_061412_-_1.jpgLaLa Anthony has some advice for her BFF Ciara who will soon be a wife and mother herself; however, she thinks the “Body Party” singer will be a natural.

    “She’s such a great person and such a giving person that I know that will carry on to her being such a great mom,” LaLa told “I see how she is with [my son] Kiyan and that’s just a small indication of what a great mom she’s going to be.”

    Though she could offer her friend advice, LaLa said mothers just have to learn as they go.

    “Parenting doesn’t come with a manual. You just have to figure it out, but as long as you have love in your heart everything else falls into place…Tips are great, but as a mom, you have to find your way.”

    LaLa has some words of wisdom about marriage, too, much of which she shares in her new book The Love Playbook.

    “So many people want to get married for the idea of a wedding,” she said. “Of course when you get married you want to have someone witness the love and long lasting relationships, but people are more concerned with the wedding. I say don’t forget about the marriage…Weddings are great, but then everybody goes home and you’re still stuck with the person you married.”

    LaLa named Will and Jada Smith and Jay-Z and Beyoncé as celebrity couples she admires.

    “Through everything they’ve sustained, you can tell family’s most important,” she said about the Smiths. “They’re role models.”

    One thing she appreciates about Beyoncé and Jay is that they’re able to have such amazing careers and still be devoted to daughter Blue Ivy.

    “They just show that two people can have two amazing careers and be so successful but still come together as one and still have this great union and be great parents,” said LaLa who wants to show Kiyan that same thing.

    “It’s important for him to see his mom working,” she said. “I always want him to feel included and apart of it, and also to get to see a strong mom working and putting something out there, and being able to see what a well-rounded woman looks like.”

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