Peter Gunz ‘disgusted’ by his behavior on ‘Love & Hip Hop’


    There was only one thing more depressing to Peter Gunz than his first season of “Love & Hip Hop”: 12 Years A Slave.

    Peter found it a little hard to watch himself and his love triangle on “Love & Hip Hop.” However, it really put his behavior in perspective.

    “I’m disgusted by my behavior on the show,” Peter told Vlad TV. “Sometimes you think the life you’re living is normal, and it’s not until you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and say, ‘Damn, that’s f*cked up.'”

    Peter’s not bashing the whole, though, just his personal slice of the ratchetness. He clarified, “It was a wake up call for me. I’m not disgusted with the show, I’m disgusted with myself. I gotta do better is what I’m thinking.”

    The “Uptown Baby” rapper was so put off by himself on “Love & Hip Hop,” that it drove him to the movie theater one night. He was so turned off by the show that he opted watch something that was at the other end of the entertainment spectrum.

    “I didn’t watch the show one day because I was so disgusted with myself on the show that I went to the movies to see 12 Years A Slave to get away from the show,” Peter recalled, adding that the movie put the unflattering aspect of “Love & Hip Hop” in an even more stark contrast. “I was even more disgusted when I came from the movie because I’m thinking, ‘Damn, slaves went through all of that to get me as a Black man to a better place and this is what I’m doing on TV to two Black queens.”

    Along with a levity came Peter’s observation that his plan may have backfired. As he explained, “I came out of the movies more depressed than if I would have watched ‘Love & Hip Hop’

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