Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 pt. 2

    10. Information is dangerous, James.


    James’ affair with Sally Langston’s husband has already cost one man his life, but now it poses an even bigger threat with David Rosen on the case. And it could still bring down James’ marriage to Fitz’s righthand man Cyrus Beane.

    “They say information is power and information on a show like this is so dangerous. James and Cyrus’ relationship is going to get tested more than it was last season,” said Dan Bucatinsky, who plays James. “Now James is going to be in the White House as the press secretary, and [to be] that close in a job in this administration during a reelection with David Rosen sniffing around with evidence is so palpable that I feel like the relationship, our professional lives, our ambition, the truth — it’s all a big stew of danger and threat. How do you survive that?”

    But what really motivated James to step out on his husband with Sally’s now-deceased, closeted husband Daniel? “The affair was all about showing the world — and Cyrus — what James is made of. The whole show is everybody gets taken to their cliff and it’s sink or swim,” said Dan. “What are you made of? Everybody proves what they are made of on this show and that’s why it’s so exciting. None of us really know what we’re made of until we read it on the page.”

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