Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 pt. 2

    2. Awww, poor Rowan


    As season 3 of “Scandal” continues, fans of the show might find themselves feeling a little bad for Olivia’s daddy. Impossible, right? Maybe not. Despite all of his schemes and manipulations, Olivia begins to see that perhaps his reasoning isn’t completely evil and may even be rooted in a little hurt. Still, we’ll warn you not to get too comfortable of thinking of Rowan as a decent person.

    “There was that great scene when Rowan is in chains and Olivia has that realization that they’ve both been bamboozled by her mom,”said Kerry. “So Olivia starts off this second half of the season with a lot more compassion for Rowan because in some ways, they’ve both been victims. That’s where she is. You’ll have to watch whether he is in a similar place or not.”

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