Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 pt. 2

    4. Who is Quinn?


    The winter finale of “Scandal” left Quinn in a very uncertain place. Is she a gladiator in a suit or is she a cold-blooded killer for B613? It’s not a new struggle for Quinn, but it’s really time for her to figure something out before she loses herself entirely.

    “Quinn has struggled so much with her identity over the first three seasons. Because Lindsay Dwyer was stripped from her and because she doesn’t have a dad, a family or a home life, it’s a question of ‘Who is she?’ And now she doesn’t have OPA and that’s how she figured out who she was,” said Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn. “It’s complicated and sad.” As for if the now ex-Gladiator will fight her way back into OPA’s good graces, the actress previews it’ll be a “dirty and messy” process that may or may not come with her finding a “whole new identity.”

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