Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 pt. 2

    6. GTFOH, Quinn


    It’s odd that anyone would have been rooting for Huck and Quinn to get together during part one of “Scandal” season 3. Apparently, there were some people who really wanted to see that come together. After he tortured her, though, there is no love lost between Quinn and her one-time mentor.

    Don’t expect there to be a resurgence of those warm, fuzzy feelings, either! Now that Quinn has pretty much defected, Huck can’t pack her bags fast enough.

    “The episode we see on Feb. 27, we’re going to see Huck and Olivia have a really intense scene,” said Guillermo. “I don’t think Huck feels bad about what he did to Quinn. He only feels bad that Olivia is going to be upset with him and look at him with these eyes of ‘What the f*ck have you done?!’ That’s the only reason he feels guilt or regret for doing what he did. But as far as Quinn, he’s still standing his ground and he doesn’t think she belongs at OPA anymore at this point. It’s weird to see him so staunch and not budging on what he feels. It’s a bit upsetting.”

    As a fan, Guillermo thinks that there may still be a chance for Quinn and Huck to patch things up. But the real gag is that he thinks torture may have been a good thing for them.

    “I still have hope that Huck and Quinn will mend their relationship,” he said. “I oddly feel that what he did to her has brought them closer in a really weird way. He pulled out her tooth and tortured her and something about that has brought them even closer and when — and hopefully if they do become friends again — their friendship has gone to another level of closeness.”

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