Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 pt. 2

    8. Where is Mama Pope?


    Who would have though that Mama Pope would go to any extreme to get free and see her baby after decades behind bars? Most people. What people weren’t prepared for was the fact that she was just as bad as Rowan and tricked Oliva’s team into helping her disappear. As season 3 of “Scandal” commences, Pope and Associates still have no clue what happened to Olivia’s mom or where she may have gone.

    “We’re only one script ahead and we haven’t seen her yet,” Guillermo dished with THR. “But you know she’s going to come back with guns blazing! Finding her is going to be on their agenda; I don’t know if it’s at the top, but it’s Olivia’s mom. They’re not going to drop that so easily.”

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