NeNe Leakes ‘freaked out’ by near-death experience

    NeNe Leakes gave a brief lesson on shade before she revealed new details of her near-death experience last year.

    Most might describe shade as a sarcastic comment or a thinly veiled insult, but NeNe told “The Doctors” that it’s often much more polite and harder to catch. “Shade is more like a nice nasty,” she explained. “Instead of me being just totally nasty to you, I’ll just throw you a little shade. You could be talking about something I don’t really agree with or even like and I can just look at you and be like, ‘Mm-hmm.’”

    But NeNe wasn’t on the show to tell people how they can get away with saying something slick, she was there to talk about her very serious and sudden health scare last year.

    “In November, I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms in my right lung,” NeNe told the audience before revealing just how dire her health scare was. “My right lung collapsed–and some in my left.”

    The hosts then explained that about a quarter of all people who have pulmonary embolism just die suddenly without ever having known they had the blood clots. It was then explained that the pulmonary embolism often start in the legs as a deep vein thrombosis, which can be caused by long periods of being sedentary like one might be on a flight. When it’s in your leg it’s not as much of danger, but when it gets to your lungs, it chokes off the air to that region of the organ. Dr. Travis Stork likened it to having a stroke in the lung.

    As it turns out, the doctors nearly mis-diagnosed NeNe with a much different problem when she went to seek medical attention.

    “I talked to the doctors and I explained to them the symptoms I was having, and they said, ‘We think it’s your galbladder.’ So we do this whole CT scan,” NeNe said. When the doctor came back and told her that she actually had a pulmonary embolism, NeNe couldn’t believe it. “I said to him, ‘You’re in the wrong room.”

    She added, “Just to hear that though, I was so freaked out. I had never been in the hospital before other than to just have my children.”

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