Mama Joyce blasts Todd Tucker again


    Mama Joyce isn’t done letting everyone know what she thinks of Kandi Burruss’ fiancé Todd Tucker and why she doesn’t like him.

    While she may no longer be actively interfering with Kandi and Todd’s relationship, she’s not keeping her opinion quiet, either. Joyce told CBS Atlanta’s morning show that “I just don’t feel him. That’s just been a feeling that I had for a long time.”

    One of the main reasons that Joyce doesn’t feel him is because she believes he’s an opportunist. She’s been calling him that for months, but she finally articulated that she feels Toss was using Kandi so that he could slow down his hustle and even begin exploring other avenues.

    “I feel like this is a good opportunity for him because most producers when they go from one job, they go to another job, very few take a year off to get their lives together,” Joyce explained. “Now he says he’s working on something right now–and, sure, he is–but if he didn’t have her he wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

    Mama Joyce also had a few anecdotes to prove why she still believes that there’s something going on between Todd and Kandi’s friend Carmen. For example, Joyce thinks he shows Carmen a lot more concern than his own blended family.

    “When all the men were on [‘Kandi Koated Nights’], he said, ‘That really bothers me when they brought up about me and Carmen, and Carmen has a lovely young son and it bothers me the fact that he hears these things about me and Kandi,'” Joyce stated, pointing out that Kandi’s daughter didn’t come up as a concern. “He brought up about his daughter but he never once said ‘I hate the fact that Riley…’ which is Kandi’s daughter. His future step daughter, he never mentioned one time.”

    And Joyce brought up another example of his alleged lack of concern for Kandi and her daughter, recalling a run-in she had with Todd at Kandi’s house.

    “He said, ‘Kandi, you need to do something about your mother, you need to talk to your mama because she’s disrespecting me, she’s disrespecting Carmen and you need to talk to her,'” Joyce recalled. “He never once said, ‘She’s disrespecting you, she’s disrespecting Riley, she’s disrespecting this house.””

    She continued, “If people would listen to what he says, he should put Kandi first–Riley first–but he’s going to put a paid employee before you put your fiancée and her daughter.”

    CBS Atlanta News

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