No open relationship for LaLa and Carmelo Anthony


    LaLa Anthony doesn’t understand the point of an open relationship, and she isn’t giving any other woman a chance to interfere in her marriage.

    Carmelo Anthony is going to be a one woman man for the rest of his life if LaLa has any say in the matter. While promoting her The Love Playbook on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” Arsenio wanted to know what she thought of other women giving their husbands a free pass to have sex outside of their marriages.

    “I think that is the absolute worst idea of all time,” LaLa flatly said. “I think you’re just opening the flood gates to a lot of problems. Why would you allow your man to cheat on you, and be ok with that? That just destroys the relationship. That’s my opinion, so I’m totally against that.”

    Since LaLa is happily (and monogamously) married to Carmelo, she shared that a lot of women ask her how to snag an NBA player or any other pro athlete. Unfortunately, for anyone looking for a step-by-step guide is out of luck. For starters, LaLa and Carmelo were introduced by DJ Clue; aside from that, the “LaLa’s Full Court Life” only has one trick that would potentially work on any eligible bachelor.

    “You don’t try to get a baller. Just be confident in yourself and you will attract great energy. And you’ll get the right kind of attention,” LaLa said. “Guys can tell when you’re desperate and thirsty, and sometimes guys use that for negative things.”

    Get some more advice from LaLa when you flip ahead!

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