Rich Dollaz: Erica Mena wants to play the victim

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    Rich Dollaz doesn’t feel bad about interfering in Erica Mena’s relationship with Cyn Santana. In fact, he thinks it’s her fault!

    As the saying goes, a man will only do what you let him get away. In Rich’s opinion, this season on “Love & Hip Hop,” Erica allowed him to cross a lot of lines and disrespect her relationship with Cyn. However, he doesn’t believe that she was really willing to accept responsibility for her part in messing around with Rich behind Cyn’s back.

    “Now you want to play the victim, and everybody’s ruining your moment,” Rich told Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio. “The reality is, we watched 12 episodes of you playing both sides and doing things you probably shouldn’t have been doing had you been in a serious relationship and taking that relationship seriously.”

    That’s why Rich wasn’t surprised to see Erica’s volatile love triangle blow up in her face. He saw it coming a mile away because he knew that the natural flow of production wouldn’t allow Erica to keep her moments with Rich from Cyn.

    “Let’s be clear, although I’m not saying anything’s scripted, we’re all adults and we’re following a story line,” Rich explained. “That story line is going to take you one of two directions. It’s either going to take you to your happy ending or your drama-filled conclusion.”

    Even though this has been a fairly messy season, Rich doesn’t have any plans to change his behavior. Why? Because he understands that taking the high road in confrontational situations often means getting labeled as boring and possibly cutting down on your screen time. So, as he sees it, reality show stars are often faced with one choice: Act like an adult or turn up!

    “We all know that boring people don’t get scenes and probably won’t be back for five years like your man Rich Dollaz,” he explained, bragging that he has been asked to return for season of “Love & Hip Hop” later this year. “I started as a b character and now they knock on my door to close it out.”

    Despite fans often seeing that Rich often allows his ego to get the better of him, he believes that he’s a “borderline sociopath. I don’t have feelings.” Still, his spot on “LHH” has opened up some more opportunities to build his brand; for example, he’s coming out with his own liqour. Rich also noted that he is coming out with a book, but he didn’t say what exactly it would be about.

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