T.I. reprimands Tiny for booty pics on Instagram


    T.I. is tired of seeing his wife Tiny’s butt all over social media, and he let her know it in front of all her Instagram followers!

    The “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle” stars had an exchange that many married couples probably would have kept private. At issue was Tiny’s habit of showing off her curves online.

    Tiny’s pretty proud of her physique–her posterior in particular–and she flaunts it on Instagram at nearly every opportunity. Whether she’s getting ready for a night out or on a girls trip, It’s not unusual to head to her page and see a shot prominently featuring her booty.

    Last week she even posted some sexy shots just for T.I. while she was on the beach with her friends to let her know she was thinking of him. These came amidst a round of rumors that their marriage is falling apart, and the pictures Tiny posted addressed the gossip.

    However, T.I. feels that it might be a good idea for her to take the focus off of her fanny. “U have so much more going for u other than your a$$,” he wrote on Instagram. “Although it is magnificent,  I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya booty..awesome pic luv.”

    Tiny tried to clear some things up about her intended focal point, replying, “I wasn’t showing off my ass in this pic it was about my waist..u just looking at the ass bae! U no I wasn’t saying getting my sh-t together about my ass now don’t u? But glad u like it bae.”

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