Daily Buzz 2.12.14: Cynthia Bailey admits being ‘messy’

    Cynthia Bailey admits being messy


    In hindsight, Cynthia Bailey sees how she probably could have handled the whole Pillow Talk fight a little better.

    “I admit that it was a little ‘messy boots’ for me to tell the ladies about my conversation with Natalie about the whole Todd opportunist thing,” Cynthia said in her Bravo blog. “In Natalie’s defense, I don’t remember if she ever said the word opportunist, but I felt like it was implied. She actually had a lot of very nice things to say about Todd as well, but I guess the negative will always outweigh the positive.”

    Cynthia also commented on her sister laying hands on Kandi, writing, “I definitely didn’t know until I saw it on tape that Mal pushed Kandi. I actually didn’t believe it until I saw the tape, because I just don’t remember it happening.”


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