POLL: Are you a social media bully?

    ChrisRockBullying is nothing new, but it’s gained widespread attention, in part, because of its affect on teens who may consider suicide the only way to end it, and reality shows that have featured “mean girls” keeping would-be friends out of their “circles.”

    While bullying is something parental figures around the nation are trying to stop, funnyman Chris Rock said his childhood experiences help turn him into the man fans love today.

    “I was the only Black boy in my grad for most of the time,” Chris recalled about being bused to a poor, White school. “I was the little guy, too, a skinny runt.”

    Chris’ childhood was fodder for his popular sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” but it wasn’t all a laughing matter.

    “Bullying without love? You can be destroyed,” he said. “I was bullied and I had love at home, so that was kind of the perfect storm for me.”

    Social media has become a place were somewhat anonymous haters gather to “bully,” criticize and taunt celebrities and others in the public eye.

    Gospel musician/reality star Karen Clark Sheard told Sister2 Sister that she receives more positive feedback than bad from her followers, and she’s learned to use the negative to her benefit.

    “The criticism helps me better myself, so I take it as stepping stones,” she explained.

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