Travis Winfrey: ‘You have to make love happen’

    TravisWinfrey_SingleLadiesWhen it comes to life, and especially on screen, Travis Winfrey definitely doesn’t want to be typecast or put into a box.

    To prove his range as a professional, he went a non-traditional route by choosing not to be a random sex symbol in VH1’s hit show “Single Ladies.” Instead, he opted to test his acting chops and by requesting the role of the gay BFF.

    “I actually booked the part of LisaRaye’s boy toy in the beginning and I asked them can I play Omar because it was such a controversial role,” said Travis who still gets to work closely with LisaRaye McCoy.

    With new writers on board, “Single Ladies” has now skyrocketed in ratings to become a household favorite as more storylines are unfolding amongst the sexy and fashionable cast. Although Travis is quite different from his character, he actually has more things in common than expected.

    “At first they just hired me to be the funny guy, but now as we are touching on Omar’s sister and his family life and his past job struggles, I relate to that.  But my love life is nowhere as in control as Omar’s,” he said.

    Ladies shouldn’t get too happy at that, however, because while he doesn’t have it all figured out, he still is very much in a committed relationship with his long term girlfriend.

    “[People] don’t know what the words mean any more. Platonic means something different; dating means something different and cheating means something different now that we have Facebook.  I think we’ve lost control over what love is.  Now it’s a lot harder. You have to make love happen.”

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