Daily Buzz 2.13.14: Lil Kim is pregnant!

    Keri Hilson talks breakup

    It was good while it lasted. Keri Hilson is back on the market, and she’s not too bothered about her recent breakup from Serge Ibaka.

    “This is going to be an interesting Valentine’s Day,” Keri told TheJasmineBrand.com. “That’s all I’ll say. It’s going to be interesting. I’m working, I’m just busy, I’m busy. I feel like right now, music is my boyfriend. That’s how I feel, right now. So, I don’t know.”

    Keri kept it quiet about what ended her relationship with the NBA player and when they broke up. However, she did give everyone some advice about how they should conduct themselves in love.

    “Know who you are. Umm, never drop your standards, for anyone. That’s it. And I mean that in every since of the relationship. Business, you know whatever, if there’s a certain standard that you uphold, and you’re so strong-minded. There are some things that you [can] tweak in a relationship, but not your standard. Not that.”

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