Amina Buddafly: ‘I would die for [Peter]’


    Despite how things may have gone down on the “Love & Hip Hop” season 4 reunion, Amina Buddafly is standing by her husband Peter Gunz.

    Amina ambushed Peter with a huge surprise at the reunion, when she pulled out a pregnancy test and confirmed that she is expecting. His immediate reaction to the news was to comfort his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace. He even confessed that had he known Tara was still in love with him that he never would have married Amina.

    For most women, that would be a clear sign for them to leave the relationship, but the “I Don’t Wanna Be Right” singer confessed to “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday that she and Peter are still together.

    “That broke me,” Amina admitted.”After the reunion we were on and off for a while.”

    She continued, “I didn’t want nothing to do with nothing, but you know how this love is. I love him to death. I would die for him.”

    Amina believes that Peter feels just as strongly about her because she said she sees another side of him in private that most people don’t know. While she knows he feels remorseful for the way he treated Tara, Amina explained that she still shares a special connection with the rapper.

    “I know for a fact that he definitely loves me with his heart,” Amina asserted. “Everyone notices that he’s not really open like, ‘Oh, I really love Amina.’ He never does that—ever. To me, he does it. He does [feel bad]. He’s very open with [his love for me], but anywhere Tara will see it, he won’t. It’s deep what he’s done to her.”

    Notice that she didn’t mention anywhere that she expects that he’ll remain faithful to her from here on in their marriage. And she knows exactly how that might sound to most people. “Probably not,” Amina said when asked if Peter will ever be monogamous. “I just want everyone to let me be stupid and find out on my own. Then y’all can tell me, ‘Told you so.’”

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