Chris Brown claims he’s being extorted


    Chris Brown believes that one man is trying to take him to the cleaners after a basketball game gone wrong. reports that a guy named Malcolm Ausbon is claiming that Chris and three members of his entourage beat him up during a game at 24-Hour Fitness.

    Following the alleged incident, Malcolm has sent a letter to the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer’s lawyer Mark Geragos. The message supposedly threatens unspecified consequences if Chris doesn’t fork over $250,000 for the athletic altercation.

    “Mr. Ausbon is placed in a position by the LAPD where he needs to decide whether he will press charges,” Malcolm’s lawyer wrote in the letter to Mark. “He would rather be compensated.”

    Mark believes this is thinly veiled extortion, so he’s going to file a police report against Malcolm.

    There’s also word that a member of Mark’s legal team had a meeting with Malcolm’s lawyer back in August, and he admitted that Chris never laid a hand on Malcolm. Supposedly, the victim’s lawyer said Malcolm was actually struck by a man with dreadlocks in video of the fight.

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