Jackie Christie talks ‘BBW:LA’ newbies initiation

    Jackie_Brittish_SundyJust like a sorority, Jackie Christie said the newcomers to “Basketball Wives: LA” have to go through an initiation and prove themselves.

    “I’m usually the initiator. I gotta make sure everyone fits in good,” Jackie told “Access Hollywood.”

    Season 3 welcomes three new women, Brandi Maxiell, Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams. Jackie, Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo are the returning players to the team.

    “They passed with flying covers,” said Jackie who explained what a “BBW” initiation is like. “It’s more or less coming on, standing your ground…being who you are, yet at the same time, these women that’s on this show, they’re not playing. If you want to come into our world, our little circle, you have to be able to be strong and say how you feel and stress your own opinion. These are leaders. These are not followers. It was amazing to actually see it.”

    Jackie has been on the VH1 hit show since season 1, and fans have seen her go from an outcast to a motherly figure for some of her co-stars.

    “When you see yourself onscreen, you’re bigger than life. You see every little detail from a crease in your shirt to the way you wore your hair. It is therapeutic for me. It shows me who I am as a person. I grow; I learn from it. I learn what I do want to do and what I don’t want to do in relationships,” she said.

    Sundy and Brittish agreed that seeing themselves on TV allows them to learn about themselves.

    “Going through the different episodes, I learn something each and every time about me. I have to be very mindful and I’m growing,” Sundy said.

    Brittish realized that she’s as opinionated as her family and friends have been telling her.

    “Oh, I am that argumentative. I do say smart stuff,” she acknowledged. “As the season progressed, I learned how to let stuff go a little bit. You kinda learn as it goes.”

    While previews promise drama this season, there seems to be camaraderie between Jackie, Sundy and Brittish.

    “Us three, we really gel well, but you never know, and we’ve got a lot of growing to do with the show as well. We’re very outspoken. If Brittish sees something she don’t like about me, she’ll tell me quickly,” Jackie explained. “This season, you’re going to see a lot of different interactions with us and a lot of the girls and how things pan out. It’s so real; it’s unbelievable.”

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