T-Pain: ‘I would venture off with other women’

    T-PainT-Pain is a one-woman man now, but the auto-tune rapper admits it wasn’t always that way. He hasn’t been a perfect husband, but he’s learned to appreciate what he has at home.

    In the March 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister, he talks to Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about changing his image and becoming a better man.

    “I definitely wanted to be a better husband, a better father, and just better my life so that my family can live good,” he explained. “I came to a point that, even though I had so much money and even though I was doing so good, none of that stuff is going to mean anything if my family ain’t okay.”

    Get more from T-Pain below and in the March 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    Jamie: There are lots of entertainers having babies outside of their dating relationships. You’ve stayed together the last 11 years. Is monogamy a priority for you?
    T-Pain: I can’t lie: There was a time in the beginning of my career where all this stuff was going to my head and I would just go and do leisurely things and pretty much I would venture off with other women. But I saw the importance of what I had in my family and my wife—somebody that was there to love me for me and not somebody to love me because I was T-Pain.

    All that stuff came to a standstill. I just figured out that I don’t need that anymore. It was a bad time. I was caught up in the whole “I’m a celebrity” thing. Everybody wanted to be with me.

    Cover_March2014_KirkRasheedaGet more from T-Pain in the March 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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