Brittish Williams irritated by ‘belligerent’ Malaysia Pargo

    Brittish Williams, Basketball Wives: LA, VH1 photoBrittish Williams had an idea of what to expect when she joined the cast of “Basketball Wives: LA,” but she admits that she was surprised by co-star Malaysia Pargo.

    “When I originally [saw] Malaysia on television, I thought she was going to be so sweet, so nice. Like how she portrays herself on television, she’s not like that in real life. She’s mean. She’s rude. She’s belligerent,” Brittish told Sister 2 Sister. “I was just amazed to meet her.”

    According to Brittish, her issues with Malaysia spring from the “BBWLA” vet’s loyalty to friend/new cast member Brandi Maxiell.

    Brittish and Brandi bumped heads almost immediately when Brandi questioned why Brittish’s fiancé plays overseas and not in the NBA.

    “You come to the knife fight; I’m bringing a gun. You immediately went in for the kill,” Brittish said about her hostile conversation with Brandi. “So, you want me to let you have it. You tried it. I’mma give you what you asking for.”

    “BBW:LA” fans already know that Malaysia is fiercely loyal when it comes to her friends. (Remember Bambi from season 2?) So, Brittish’s issues with Brandi, affected any relationship she might have had with Malaysia.

    “I just really got irritated with [Malaysia] because if you don’t like me because of your friend, then just don’t speak to me. It’s not that deep,” said Brittish who disliked Malaysia offering her “fake” greetings when they met face to face.

    “I don’t do dry-a$$ hi’s,” she said. “Those dry hi’s because you trying to see which way you should go with it, it ain’t necessary.”

    Though she described Malaysia as “mean” and “rude,” Brittish’s real issue seems to be with Brandi.

    “In the event that [Brandi] asked me again about my man, you better be glad I don’t hop over the table and pop her,” Brittish said.

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