Jackie Christie compares ‘BBWLA’ to ‘Love & Hip Hop’


    Jackie Christie is warning fans of her show that “Basketball Wives: LA” has really turned up the drama for season 3!

    The “BBWLA” matron was nervous at her premiere party for season 3, telling the TheJamsineBrand.com that “I have never had big butterflies like I have tonight.”

    One thing she wasn’t worried about is whether or not viewers will be enterained by her cast because she said the cast will keep things so exciting this season that fans won’t be able to stop talking. “I know this season it’s a big turbulent ride, it’s uncut,” Jackie told TheJasmineBrand.com. “We’re getting what ‘Basketball Wives: Miami,’ ‘Basketball Wives’ first season, ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ everything all wrapped into one. This is going to be the biggest season we’ve had.”

    Certainly, cast newbies Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams have supplied some heavy drama for “Basketball Wives: LA” on the season premiere. Brandi Maxiell also has a tough storyline as well stemming from her medical issues. Jackie thinks viewers will really take to the new girls that she’s introducing, but she’s not so sure that the rest of the cast will do so well with fans.

    “I brought Sundy Carter on and Brittish Williams and they are amazing,” Jackie gushed before things got a tinge shady. “The other girls [side eye] you know they’ll be here and we’ll see what happens with them. But tune in because the show is amazing.”

    Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo were noticeably missing from the premiere party, and Jackie had a perfectly blunt explanation for that. “Malaysia and Draya are not here because Malaysia and Draya was not invited but it’s not my doing,” she said. “I would have invited them but I don’t think they wanted to come.”

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