Nicci Gilbert wishes she’d never done ‘R&B Divas’


    If she had it all to do again, Nicci Gilbert admits that she would never have wanted to do her show “R&B Divas.”

    Every reality show needs a villain, and for “R&B Divas,” Nicci filled that role perfectly. As viewers tuned in, many found new things to dislike about Nicci and her behavior. While most reality stars continue to live on the personal empires their shows have helped them to build, Nicci admits that some of her endeavors have hit a snag.

    “Do I wish that I had never done the show? Absolutely,” Nicci told “Let me clarify that. I’m very thankful for the opportunity but it’s affected my mother. It’s affected my marriage. It’s affected my business. The clothing line that I launched we shut down servers in season one. In season two, I literally lost my entire investment. ”

    She blames the sharp shift in demand for her clothes from Curvato entirely on the way that she was portrayed on the show. If that weren’t bad enough, some viewers hated her so much that they physically threatened her. “I’ve had to file reports in the police department about people who said, ‘I see you, I’m going to crush your face.’ The reason it hurt me so much is that is not who I am,” said Nicci. “I have a big mouth. My heart is as big as my mouth is, but you don’t get the big heart on the show. You just get this is the ‘queen b*tch’ label.”

    Drama from the show has also found its way to the boardroom for Nicci because major companies want to know about the people behind the ventures they’re investing in. While some executives want the inside dish on the show, for others, her portrayal on “R&B Divas” has been a major dealbreaker.

    “I was at the table having a conversation with I’ll never forget Lane Bryant about my clothing line and it was literally the day after one of the huge fights on the show, I was asked about that in the meeting,” Nicci recalled. “I’ve lost deals and probably the most sorrowful experiences is the Michigan Chronicle which is the Black go to newspaper from my hometown. One of my bookers asked them to have me come in to meet with the paper. They said, ‘We don’t have any interest in her at all.’”

    As has been reported before, Nicci won’t be back for the next cycle of “R&B Divas” because she has “no desire to return to that, in any capacity.” She will continue to get a producer credit, though. She’s found that her role behind the scenes on the show has been a lot more beneficial to her than starring on the series.

    “As a producer when I am finalizing a deal with an agency, I know that I could never go into that agency and have a real conversation with those people if I didn’t have the hit show that is ‘R&B Divas’ or the hit franchise,” she said. “I know that I couldn’t go in and talk to really amazing, powerful women who are show runners had it not been for that show. I’m very grateful that they see my contribution as an executive producer.”

    She added, “I’ve learned that I’m most effective putting things together and being able to be HBIC, for lack of a better word, to get the job done behind the scenes.”

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