Is D.Wade a Bridezilla?


    Gabrielle Union dished Dwyane Wade is really reveling in the lengthy process that is wedding planning, and she thinks he kind of acting like a princess.

    Usually it’s the bride that gets super-duper wrapped up in plotting every detail of the perfect wedding day. Not so for Gabrielle! The Think Like A Man Too star dished to Ellen DeGeneres that her NBA fiance has definitely been taking the lead planning the big day and he’s having a lot more fun with it than most grooms do.

    “No, I’m doing wine tastings,” Gabrielle admitted. “Secretly, this is his princess moment. He has waited for this for a long time. He’s been hoarding bridal magazines. He’s very ready.”

    And Dwyane’s not just getting picky about wedding colors or the food, the “Being Mary Jane” star said her hubby-to-be is taking every last minor detail of the wedding into consideration.

    “[He cares about] aspects I didn’t even know went into wedding planning, he is on. To have a centerpiece or to not have a centerpiece. He has a very strong opinion,” Gabrielle said of her Groomzilla. “Who cares? He does!”

    She added, “He’s very particular about the music and the guest list.”

    For those that forgot, Gabrielle is about nine years older than D.Wade, and she’s noticed that there are some big differences in what they want in terms of wedding entertainment.

    “I want the O’Jays to play at our wedding. He wants Young Jeezy,” Gabrielle shared. “I’m like, ‘Ooh, Patti LaBelle.’ He’s like, ‘Ariana Grande.’ It’s like night and day.”

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