Todd Tucker: ‘Everyone has a breaking point’

    Joyce_Kandi_ToddTodd Tucker nearly issued an ultimatum to fiancée Kandi Burruss on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but did he mean it?

    “Everyone has a breaking point,” Todd recently told the co-hosts of “The View.”

    Fans of “RHOA” are likely well aware that Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mother, has strong concerns about her daughter marrying Todd, who Mama Joyce suspects is an opportunist.

    “When I met him he seemed like a very nice person, but what I had a problem with is that after his first job, he took like two months off. I come from a family of men that worked. I had a problem with that,” Joyce explained.

    Todd, who previously worked on “RHOA,” explained that after meeting Kandi he quit his job and he’s now primarily a freelance employee.

    “When me and Kandi fell in love and we decided we were going to move forward with this relationship, I gave up my job,” Todd said. “This is the first time I’ve gone without work.”

    For Kandi, who shed tears on “The View” couch, being the mediator between her mom and fiancé has been stressful and even insulting in some ways.

    “You treat me like I am so stupid and I have no sense of responsibility and I don’t think that’s fair,” Kandi told her mom. It’s very frustrating.”

    Mama Joyce, who also accused Todd of having a fling with Kandi’s best friend, has promised to stay out of Kandi and Todd’s relationship going forward. However, she said she’s still concerned for her granddaughter.

    According to Todd, Kandi’s daughter is also feeling the effects of the strain between him and Mama Joyce. Todd said the teen was bothered when he mentioned that he might end their romance.

    “That was just my frustration,” he said.

    Was that an ultimatum? Todd puts his foot down with Kandi. Watch.

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