Daily Buzz 2.21.14: Apollo Nida’s Valentine’s Day activities explained

    Sundy Carter claims Draya Michele was a stripper

    Sundy Carter claims that she knows something scandalous about Draya Michele’s past! On the next episode of “Basketball Wives: LA,” Sundy dishes to Jackie Christie that she’s run into her new co-star before. According to the “BBWLA” newbie, Draya was a stripper in Philadelphia once upon a time. Back in those days, though, she supposedly went by the name Miami.

    Of course, this didn’t come up out of nowhere. Jackie shared that she’d asked Draya to wiggle at her wedding, but the request was turned down because the model claims that she’s no one’s private dancer. That’s when Sundy brought up Draya’s past–not that she’s judging her for it.

    “I don’t knock anybody’s hustle. If you have to get on all fours to take care of yours, get on all fours,” Sundy said in a confessional. “If that’s what she had to do to survive, then that’s what she had to do.”

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