Kenya releases proof of Saving Our Daughters donation

    NeNeLeakes_KenyaMooreApollo Nida learned that Kenya Moore doesn’t delete her text messages, and that practice seemed to come in handy again as she released her digital conversations with Saving Our Daughters.

    According to Kenya, she did send the charity money that CEO Curtis Benjamin announced he knew nothing about. However, he apparently thanked her for her generosity after receiving the funds.

    “Thank you for your personal donation,” read one apparent text message to Kenya from Curtis Benjamin. “We will email over your Thank you receipt letter this week from our trustee board for your total donation. Again thank you.”

    Curtis’ text messages also mention NeNe Leakes, who was less than eager about attending the event because Kenya did not call to extend a personal invitation.

    “I heard about it the night before from Kenya and I felt like, listen, if you’re going to honor someone, you should at least call them up and say, ‘Hey, I would like to honor you. Are you available on this date?’” NeNe told “The View,” explaining that Kenya reached out to her via text. “I was angry with Kenya.”

    The two “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars have been trading barbs via interviews, blogs and social media since the infamous Pillow Talk fight that NeNe hosted. The “Glee” actress blames Kenya for lighting the fuse that ended up in a blowout between Apollo and Kenya’s guest, Brandon DeShazer.

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