Porsha Williams feels ‘backstabbed’ by Peter Thomas

    Peter ThomasA lot has been said and insinuated about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” ex-husband Kordell Stewart, and Peter Thomas gives him a chance to tell his side.

    In Sunday’s upcoming episode, Peter sits down with the former NFL baller to discuss his public split from “RHOA” star Porsha Stewart. According to Peter, it’s only fair that Kordell get to respond to all the gossip about his sexuality and how he split from Porsha.

    “I lobbied to hear the other side of the story,” Peter told Sister 2 Sister. “I spoke to Mr. Stewart, Kordell, because everyone kept on hearing just one side of the divorce situation.”

    Porsha, who called Kordell a “monster” on “Watch What Happens Live,” has moved on, and while she hasn’t taped with any new fellas, she’s reportedly dating someone special. So, most viewers weren’t expecting to see Kordell pop up during season 6. Peter said he made sure it happened.

    “I talked him into shooting and telling his side,” Peter said. “He’s getting killed.”

    Rumors about Kordell’s sexuality were already popular before Porsha joined the show. While she never outright suggested that he might be a closeted homosexual, comments she made may have been interpreted that way.

    “I watched this guy get persecuted by public opinion. His ex-wife threw gasoline on the fire,” said Peter. “Why is that acceptable?”

    Not only does Peter not believe the rumors about Kordell living a downlow lifestyle, he also questions the way Porsha learned about the divorce.

    “The divorce didn’t just come out of left field,” said Peter who is a friend and business partner of Kordell’s.

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