‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: Season 3 ep. 2

    Draya Michele’s growing up

    Draya’s not rushing down the aisle just yet, but she does want to marry her NFL playing beau someday. For now, she’s just enjoying their relationship with Orlando Scandrick and how its made her mature.

    Jackie Christie seems a bit dubious about Draya’s new, grownup approach to life, and the model caught that. She didn’t let it faze her, though. Afterall, Draya reasoned that Jackie doesn’t come from the most pristine past and she still managed to snag a baller!

    “If it can happen for you on your third husband, it can happen with me. I don’t got no husband,” Draya said, adding how proud she is of her own progress. “I’m definitely a new Draya. I just feel like a grownup now. My skirts are longer, I’m wearing panties. It’s a change, it feels good.”


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