Daily Buzz 2.25.14: Stevie J facing jail time?

    Stevie J facing jail time?


    Stevie J better be in court today if he doesn’t want to go to jail! RadarOnline.com reports that the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star got a rather unpleasant surprise before Valentine’s Day when he was served a subpoena to appear in New York Family Court for his child support case.

    Carol Bennett filed suit against Stevie last year for unpaid child support, claiming that he owed $1.28 million for their two kids. According to the subpoena, Stevie has to be in court today because he “failed to obey the support order dated January 10, 2012.” If he’s not there, the cops can come looking for him.

    “This subpoena requires Steve J’s appearance or an arrest warrant can be issued by the State of New York,” Carol’s rep told Radar Online. “This is not a joke!”

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