Draya Michele isn’t playing the victim anymore

    TwitPics_Draya_22014Draya Michele said she’s done playing the victim and won’t be taking as much from her “Basketball Wives:LA” co-stars as she has in the past.

    Season 1 fans might remember how Draya’s former cast mates treated her. They were all too eager to pummel her in a boxing ring and they consistently probed her about her parenting, relationships with NBA ballers and past as a stripper.

    Draya did little to fight back in those days, but she’s standing up for herself now.

    “I had a big tolerance and I put up with a lot, but this season is different. I’m really not putting up with anything,” she told Power 106 radio in L.A.

    While some of her former and current co-stars, including Malaysia Pargo and Laura Govan, have engaged in fights in the past, Draya said that’s really not who she is, but she’s ready for anything now.

    “Everybody wants me to fight. It’s just not in my nature to be that person,” said Draya who is still prepping for what may come.

    “Since the show, I cut my nails down, just in case,” she shared, noting that they’re still long enough “to claw somebody’s eyeballs out.”

    A preview for season seems to show Draya jumping over a couch and lunging toward “BBW:LA” newcomer Sundy Carter. So far, Draya has bumped heads with Ariane Williams and co-star Brittish Williams (no relation).

    Draya has her own guesses as to the cause of the tension between her and her cast mates.

    “I think that they’re all jealous,” she said. “That’s just the honest truth.”

    Hear Draya below.

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