Robinne Lee thinks Avery, Andre should work it out

    Robinne Lee photo by Joanna BacalsoRobinne Lee thinks her fictional character and hubby on BET’s “Being Mary Jane” should stay together and try to make things work.

    “I think if they can get back in therapy and fight for this marriage, they should….I hope that the message to women is to try not to let that happen to your relationship. It’s just changing things up,” Robinne said about her character, Avery Daniels and her fictional hubby Andre.

    Though she can’t speak from personal experience, Robinne understands how love can lose its spark.

    “It’s not as passionate as it is 10 years in it as it is when you’re first falling in love,” she said about relationships in general. “On the show, they focus on what’s not working, instead of ways to try to keep the heat.”

    While Avery receives her fair share of criticism from “BMJ” fans via social media, Robinne assures viewers that she’s not much like the scorned spouse and wouldn’t handle situations the way her character does.

    “I would have never gone to the office and questioned Mary Jane. I would not have been that aggressive about it and been that intimate about those questions. When she confronts Avery in the pet store, I would not have been so stoic. I don’t think my response would ever be: “What do you want me to do with this information?” or “What’s your goal here?” I’m very different than Robinne and how I would really deal with my husband having an affair.”

    As for Avery’s dealings with Andre, Robinne said she’s never used a pillow while trying to please her man. “I never even knew that was a possibility,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

    Believe it or not, that awkward scene wasn’t the one that took Robinne out of her comfort zone the most. She said it’s Avery’s control over her feelings that makes the role a “fun and interesting” challenge.

    “She doesn’t let her emotions show…her pain and even her anger. She tries to keep things very measured and precise. That’s hard, just reeling everything in and this exterior of steel.”

    While there are a lot of differences between Robinne and Avery, they’re of the same mind when it comes to adultery. Robinne wouldn’t cosign on a relationship between main character MJ and husband/father Andre in real life or on TV.

    “I definitely would not condone her sleeping with a married man and tell her to end it immediately,” Robinne said about how she’d advise a friend to handle a similar love triangle situation.

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