Towanda Braxton defends Vincent Herbert shade


    Things are all good between the Braxtons yet again after Towanda Braxton threw Vincent Herbert under the bus.

    What’s a little shade between family members? On February 13, Towanda got into an online battle with a “Braxton Family Values” fan that accused her of being jealous of Tamar. The user said that Towanda was just envious of the fact Tamar’s husband was wealthy and successful and hers was not. Towanda simply threw Vincent’s tax troubles up in response.

    That didn’t sit so well with the Braxton bunch or Towanda’s media team. “After that I was in Twitter jail. Jail Jail. My publicist called me like get off Twitter, you’re done. Toni was like, “Umba! That’s not you, get off,. [Tamar] was pissed! Rightfully so,” Towanda admitted to

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