Malaysia: ‘Jackie is a different individual’

    MalaysiaPargoShe didn’t confirm that the battle lines have been drawn, but it’s clear Malaysia Pargo is closer to Brandi Maxiell and Draya Michele than her other “Basketball Wives: LA” co-stars.

    While she’s been labeled the “peacemaker” in seasons past, Malaysia said she’s doing a bit less of that in season 3 and focusing on her family and established friendships with Draya and Brandi. If things go left with Jackie Christie and the newcomers, she’ll be less inclined to intervene.

    “I never intended on being in the role of a peacemaker. That’s just my nature. I like for us to all get along… If we get together, we’re supposed to be having fun,” said Malaysia who described herself as the former “voice of reason.”

    “This season, you’ll probably see a different side of me because I really don’t want to hear it,” she told the CelebrityGossip101 radio show.

    The ladies might benefit from a mediator this season as tensions are already high between Brandi and fellow newbie Brittish Williams and Draya, who isn’t getting along with Sundy Carter.

    “The new girls are very entertaining,” Malaysia said. “The things that come out of the their mouths, the drama that they bring is mind-blowing. You come to realize that people are that ignorant in the world. You will definitely be entertained.”

    One might assume that Draya and Malaysia would get along with returning series veteran Jackie. After all, this is their third season together, but Malaysia explained why she’s not that close to the seasoned NBA wife.

    “Jackie is a different individual; she is,” said Malaysia. “She’s very special, I will say. I like to say she’s colorful. She has different layers to her. You just kinda gotta know when to deal with her, how to deal with her and when to tell her to go to hell.”

    Though there’s obvious attention put on the ladies’ relationships with one another, Malaysia said season 3 will also show more of their home lives.

    “I can only speak for Draya, Brandi and I. You’ll see our businesses. You’ll see our personal life as far as our families, our spouses and our kids. You’ll see a softer side of us all,” she said. “You get to see me at what I do best: being a mom and a wife.”

    Hear Malaysia’s full interview here at Celebrity Gossip 101.

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