Meagan Good shares marriage tips


    Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin have a long term vision for their future, and they’re sharing tips on how they plan to achieve it.

    It’s not a cliché when some couples say that they married their BFF. In fact, Meagan told Essence that she thinks that what it takes to have a lasting, loving union. In her view, this means marred couples can have fun together and keep it completely real with each other at the same time.

    “We have both had moments where I feel like we feel like little kids,” Meagan said. “We take care of each other. We look out for each other and we advise each other. And we’re not afraid to be in the vulnerable place with each other.”

    DeVon chimed in that this also helps to keep things fresh in a marriage because he feels there should never be a time where you think you know everything there is to know about a person. People change over the years and he’s planning to do that in unison with his wife.

    “The dream for our marriage is that we want to continue to grow in love. That’s not a given. That’s something that has to be cultivated and worked on,” DeVon said, sharing his hopes for the future. “I want 30, 40, 50 years from now to still be deeply in love and still continue to want to get to know her and more about us as husband and wife.”

    He added, “It’s really about keeping this as the #1 priority,”

    Biblically, a wife is supposed to be a helper. For the deeply spiritual couple, this is something that they have tried to mirror in their own lives. So far, they on track with that goal. Without Meagan, DeVon doesn’t think that he could be all that he was meant to be.

    DeVon stated, “She has taught me that you can believe you can be who you really are, but it takes somebody to come into your life who can actually help you do that.”

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