Cynthia Bailey ‘beyond offended’ by NeNe Leakes

    NeNeLeakes_CynthiaBaileyCynthia Bailey may have thought twice about inviting NeNe Leakes to Peter Thomas’ birthday party had she known what NeNe was saying about Peter when they weren’t around.

    “I am beyond offended and embarrassed that one of my closest and most loyal friends called my husband a b!tc# for speaking the truth. Not only is it blatant disrespect, it’s also dirty,” Cynthia wrote in her blog. “It crosses the line.”

    NeNe did not call Peter out of his name to his face, but in one of her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” confessionals, she described his behavior as “b!tc#a$$ness” after he left the Saving Our Daughters event upset by NeNe’s apparent attitude.

    After exiting the party, hosted by Kenya Moore, Peter and NeNe exchanged words, which led to her comments about him. NeNe seemingly took issue with Peter confronting a woman, but Cynthia pointed out that it was NeNe who inserted herself in the conversation Peter was having with his wife.

    “Had NeNe not gotten out of her car, walked over to Peter and initiated the conversation with Peter, there would not have been a reason for hi to be in her face like a b!tc#, right? It was pretty clear that his conversation was directed to me,” explained Cynthia who said she and Peter were just waiting for their car when NeNe approached.

    Though Cynthia was clearly unhappy about NeNe’s comments, it seems her friendship with the “Glee” actress may still be salvageable. She noted that NeNe’s presence at Peter’s party

    “The fact that my girl was able to take the high road and come to the party was validation that we indeed had a solid friendship and would always be able to work through our differences no matter how big or small,” she wrote. “Obviously I was not in her kitchen earlier that morning to hear her call Peter a b!tc#. However, I thought it was big of her to come to his party despite her feelings.”

    Watch a preview of Sunday’s all-new episode.

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