Mary Mary talks healing from infidelity


    Erica and Tina Campbell aren’t trying to sugarcoat their experience, so they’ve been on a mission to keep it completely real with “Mary Mary” fans.

    Just because you’re saved, doesn’t mean life is going to be easy. Christians have their ups and downs as well, and Mary Mary aren’t trying to hide that on their show. In a time, where many reality stars put on a glamorous persona for the cameras, the gospel duo has no interest in faking it for fame.

    “One thing about the Marys, we are absolutely, positively us,” Tina told

    “We don’t feel pressure to become anything for a reality show or to We’re executive producers on our show, and before we finalized contract, we made sure we held that position,” she continued “We to make sure that we are giving our life the way it is. Not trumped up, not fixed. Nothing more nothing less.”

    The sisters are aware that drama means ratings, so they had no problem sharing their less-than-spectacular incidents. However, that came on the condition that editors would give an equal amount of screen time to the moments where they really shine. Erica explained, “We said, ‘If we give you the bad stuff, then don’t edit out the good stuff. Don’t edit out when I apologize. Don’t edit out when I say I love Jesus. And make sure you include it all.'”

    Being the executive producers, they have the power to shape what audiences do and do not see on “Mary Mary.” As production for the third season commenced, the sisters faced a number of struggles from marital issues to the loss of their father. Since Erica and Tina are committed to balancing the content of their show and being transparent with fans, viewers will be seeing some particularly low moments in the sisters’ lives.

    “Third season just happened to be a time in when life just went to hell in a hand basket. We had no idea that that was going to happen,” Erica said.

    Tina made headlines when she revealed that her husband Teddy had cheated on her while she was on the road. This is a bombshell that could have caught her off guard, but Tina decided to get ahead of the story. “I am the one that decided to expose that I was struggling with infidelity,” she said. “I was in control of the matter. I gave it to the media.

    However, she couldn’t control what happened in her life and her marriage moving forward. The singer, who was carrying a baby last season, shared that she didn’t fully understand how hard repairing her marriage on TV would be.

    “What I did not know was the process of trying to forgive and trying to get through this,” Tina explained. “I didn’t know what that process entailed. And I didn’t consider all of that before saying, ‘I’mma let the reality show just show what’s going on right now.'”

    There were times when she doubted her decision during production, but Tina ultimately made peace with the fact that her struggle could serve as an example.

    “In the middle of it, I thought, ‘Why did I do this? This is too hard. Everybody sees me falling apart,'” Tina said, recalling that she went into the season hoping that her journey could help others. “Now, that I’m smiling again, I’m not mad that I did it. Because if we don’t see that people make it through stuff, sometimes we don’t know that we can.”

    Catch the season 3 premiere of “Mary Mary” tonight at 9 p.m. on WE tv!

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