Pharrell defends love of Black women


    Pharrell is correcting assumptions that he doesn’t love Black women because there weren’t any brown-skinned girls featured on the cover of his latest release.

    Do you have to be a certain shade to count as Black? It should almost go without saying by now that Black women everywhere come in a range of colors.

    Some fans aren’t feeling the cover of Pharrell’s latest album Girl, but he thinks they’re bent out of shape for the wrong reason. He’s been criticized for supposedly not having any Black women in the album artwork, but as Pharrell pointed out to, looks can be deceiving.

    “Well, they’re ill informed. The woman I’m standing closest to, she is Black and she’s been a friend of mine for a long time. You know, I’m confused by it,” Pharrell said of his detractors. “She is African American and I feel sorry for her that people will look her dead in her face like she ain’t Black but she is Black. It’s a girl I use to date years ago.”

    He added, “It’s just unfortunate because it’s 2014 and we have a President [who’s Black]. Is this what it is? Is it because she’s not brown?”

    The “Happy” producer argued that he loves and respects Black women no matter what their shade, and he’s proud of his heritage. Not only that, but he surrounds himself with Black women!

    “I’m standing by a Black woman. My business is run by a Black woman. My mom partially looks after my business and she’s a Black woman. I’m married to a Black woman,” Pharrell stated. “I’m confused. I guess once you get the album you will look inside and see she’s a Black woman. I’m sorry that from that vantage point you can’t look at her hair and tell that she’s Black.”

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