Did Chaka Khan shade Beyoncé?

    Chaka KahnOne man’s trash is another’s treasure, and just like two people can put different values on the same object, some can hear one thing while others hear something completely different.

    That’s the case when it comes to a recently released video of Chaka Khan during the Essence Black Women In Hollywood events. The “I’m Every Woman” singer was being interviewed by Hollywood Today when she was described as “Flawless, just like the Beyoncé song.”

    Chaka dramatically rolled her eyes and responded, “Child, please”… At least that’s what some people heard. Others listened to the short video and apparently heard, “That b!tc#.” The blogosphere is questioning whether the legendary diva called the “Drunk In Love” singer out of her name.

    Chaka went on to discuss the number of great Black films being honored by Hollywood this awards season.

    “It’s about time,” said Chaka. “I love it when we can get together and show our love and respect for one another.”

    Watch for yourself and judge.

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