Brandi Maxiell failed at avoiding the ‘BBW:LA’ cattiness

    Brandi_MaxiellThough she didn’t completely escape the drama, “Basketball Wives: LA” newbie Brandi Maxiell said her reason for joining the reality show was to spread the word about cancer.

    “I wanted to come in because I wanted to bring awareness to the situation that I was going through and women dealing with fertility issues,” said Brandi who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her 20s. “I was 24 dealing with this… I felt like my whole world was crashing. I wasn’t ready for that then.”

    Though she’s a survivor, Brandi said she’s still dealing with the effects of the disease. “When you have cancer, the struggle is that it can come at any given time. Once you’re prone to cancer, you’re prone.”

    While bringing attention to her health struggles was a primary reason Brandi joined the show, that’s not to suggest she was able to rise above the reality TV pettiness.

    “It was crazy,” Brandi said of meeting her co-stars. “Crazy thing about it was that I knew what it was going to be when I came in. When you get a whole bunch of women together who don’t know each other, it tends to be a little catty. When I came in, I didn’t expect for it to be as bad as it turned out.”

    It didn’t take long for Brandi, who’s a friend of returning cast member Malaysia Pargo, to bump heads with one of her co-stars. At their first on-screen meeting, she and fellow newbie Brittish Williams got off to a rocky start. Brittish interpreted Brandi’s questions about her husband’s overseas career as shady.

    “I wasn’t trying to be mean at all,” Brandi clarified. “I really don’t even care to talk about Brittish because I don’t really know her too well.”

    However, she did share her thoughts on Jackie Christie. “Jackie really surprised me. With her being older, I just felt that…I thought she would be a little more caring because she’s older and she’s been in the league so long. I thought she would be a better mentor.”

    As for the rest of the team, Brandi said she likes Draya and that there is no relationship between her and Sundy Carter.

    So, which co-star pushes her buttons most? Brandi refused to name names.

    “Somebody said and did something that was inappropriate for me. I had enough. You’re going to have to wait and see,” said Brandi who assures she doesn’t get violent.

    “It was one crazy season. I think we even shocked our producers. You just never knew what was going to happen with us,” she said.

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