Paula Patton open to saving marriage with Robin Thicke?


    Paula Patton might not be ready to draw up divorce papers in her split from Robin Thicke just yet.

    It seems like the Baggage Claim actress could be open to patching things up with her estranged hubby if he’s willing to put in the work. reports that although Paula wasn’t really moved by Robin’s declarations of dedication to the media and at a recent show, he’s still got a shot at saving his marriage!

    A source close to the couple dished that Paula has been holding off on hiring divorce despite telling Robin that she wants to end their marriage. But if Robin wants to win her back, words won’t be enough. Supposedly, Paula wants Robin to show her his loyalty through his actions.

    And Paula may be keeping a close eye on the “Blurred Lines” singer, through reports on his behavior and how he’s spending his time while they’re apart. There’s word that she’ll essentially be using the paparazzi as her own squad of detectives since photographers will be watching Robin’s every move now more than ever.

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